Nathan Gibson

About Me

I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and even as a young kid I’ve always been drawing and expressing myself creatively. My main passion in high school was art and graphic design, while searching for a college campus that would fit me well, Ringling College of Art & Design really stood out to me, I learned a vast amount of skills attending that school and really developed an eye for Typography and layouts, it’s also where I started exploring web design.

Out of college I did various projects and sites which helped lead me to my first graphic design position at Luxor. I helped raise the bar for design expectations and web content for the company. I photographed and edited hundreds of new and existing products and created straight-forward product sell sheets and helped evolve the website into a real content powerhouse giving practically every product its own unique product page and description. I also redesigned and tailored instruction sheet for hundreds of products from manipulating 3D models in Rhino 3D to exporting that data into InDesign, these instructions were a vast improvement and customer satisfaction with assembly improved.

My accomplishments were no easy task, and much of what I learned from that job was by researching and teaching myself, I am adaptable and I love learning new techniques and new ways to work in the field that I love. I am a strong designer with a solid design sense but I’m not afraid to accept criticism, I have a passion for people and relationships and I have a passion for helping people so by nature I always try to see things through other’s eyes. I am hungry to do amazing work and I look forward to any opportunities I may have in the future.